The Advantage Difference

Advantage Soccer is a Technical Development soccer school focused on developing the individual within a group setting. The technical school of excellence is the creation of former UK Academy player and UEFA qualified coach, Gareth Davies. Advantage aims to give players exactly what it says in the name while playing the game. The soccer landscape is filled with opportunity for players to progress and develop in Advantage Soccer can play a pivotal part in each player’s opportunity to progress to reach their full potential.

All sessions are delivered with a game scenario highlighted in order for players to not only develop their technical abilities, but also create an understanding of when and where they may be use don the field. These courses blend intensity and attention to detail with accessibility to all learning styles to provide the best possible opportunity for players to improve and progress at speed.

Our player-centred approach cultivates players that are determined to make the next step up and continue their personal soccer growth. The programs available promote positive competition both against others within the group and individual players previous achievements. All players will be extrinsically motivated by coaches and opponents, however we also realize that players who want to reach their potential must possess I certain amount of intrinsic motivation also.

Advantage Soccer believes that with a great standard of coaching, a great program and a great desire to develop the game, that we can have a give all players an Advantage in their pursuit reaching their soccer potential.