After every game in the English Premier League, Bundesliga, MLS and every other top soccer league the managers will speak to the media. Each week, we hear one of two phrases: “we took our chances well” or “we didn’t take the chances that came our way”. Scoring goals and using those chances is the aim of the game and players that are able to score consistently are of great value to a team.

The Finishing School course is designed to develop understanding and consistency. The more often players are put in certain situations the more relaxed and knowledgeable they will be during games when the pressure is greater. During the course we will cover 1 on 1 Striker vs Keepers, finishing from different angles and distances, first time finishing with different parts of the body along with other common situations within the game.

Just Like The Pro’s (April 2017)

April cannot come soon enough as Advantage Soccer will be running a month of Player Specific Finishing Schools. The group of 4 sessions will run through April each week attempting to emulate a different player and a different style of finishing. We have chosen 4 players who are well known for their individual finishing styles and techniques and will be running the Finishing Schools in developing each players technique in this style. See below the players we have chosen 

Week 1: David Beckham – So good at the curling technique that a film was named in his honour, this week will be all about whipping free kicks and bending the ball on the run. If you have no idea who this guys is or what he can do please see his trademark at the link below

Week 2: Ronaldo – Incredible player with incredible ability who has generated a trademark strike with the knuckleball. A strike that moves the ball with unpredictability and almost gravity defying motions. This week will be getting the ball to move up down and side to side all in one. Watch this happen at the link below

Week 3: Diego Costa – An absolute animal of the game and a scorer of goals. Costa scores goals everywhere he goes and the large majority come from inside the box. In this week we will focus on finishing in the area with composure and consistency from different types of situations. Goals goals goals, this man is all about them. Costa doing what he does best can be seen below

Week 4: Steven Gerrard – He may have retired following the MLS season however Steven Gerrard has been the scorer of spectacular, outlandish long distance, clean strikes for the best part of 20 years. Driven strikes from long distance, volleys, half volleys will all be covered in this week, pure tekkers. Some of the most important goals in recent history for both Liverpool and England can be seen below


Finishing School Just Like The Pro’s

Saturday April 1st, 8th, 22nd, 29th

Course Length: 4 Weeks

Time: 3:00 – 4:00PM

Individual Session Cost – $30 +HST

Full Course Cost: $100 +HST

Location: Craig Kielburger Secondary School, 

1151 Ferguson Dr, Milton, ON L9T 7V8

Finishing School Spring Session

Sunday: April 30th –  June 25th (No session May long weekend)
Course Length: 8 weeks
Time: 11:00 – 12:00PM
Cost: $200 + HST  (Additional $12 for shirt – New players only)
Location:  Lions Park
1151 Ferguson Dr, Milton, ON L9T 7V8