Learning the Game

FUN!!! This is the reason children to the majority of sports or in general any activity. This course is aimed at players between the ages of 6-8 who want to have fun whilst learning how to play a new sport. This course is very much for the beginner who is new to the game and would like to learn how to play and pick up as many skills and technical development points as possible along the way. Learning the game will cover all technical aspects of the game over the period of the course. Players will be dribbling, passing, shooting and defending whilst having a chance also to play in Small Sided Games weekly. Our aim with this course is not only to provide a great environment for players to have fun but also provide an opportunity for players to have a head start in achieving technical competency.


Learning The Game Summer Session

Sunday: August 27th –  September 30th (No session Labour Day)
Please note that the Final session will be on Saturday 30th September
Course Length: 5 weeks
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM 
Cost: $110 + HST  (Additional $12 for shirt – New players only)
Location: Lions Park Milton