Technical Maestro

Technical competency is becoming a necessity in the soccer of this era. Over the last 10 years we have been fortunate enough to watch the likes of Barcelona, Arsenal and Spain destroy teams with their ability to technically destroy their opponents. In order for these team and the like to play the way they do there has to be a certain level of technical ability. This course is based on the concept of being able to receive and play with all parts of both feet, and being able to do so whilst being marked.

The player will be pushed to improve their ball manipulation and mastery at speed. To begin with there will be little pressure added to the player in order to focus on getting the feel for the ball and developing speed in moving the ball in different directions. To progress the course will adapt and begin to make the ball manipulation exercises higher intensity and more pressurized. As more pressure is added players will be made aware of where the drills they are completing will be most effective within the game situation. This course is open to all players 9+ and all levels, players will be differentiated per group in order to provide adequate competition for all.


Tech Maestro Summer Session
Sunday: August 27th –  September 30th (No session Labour Day)
Please note that the Final session will be on Saturday 30th September
Course Length: 5 weeks
Time: 10AM – 11AM
Cost: $110 + HST  (Additional $12 for shirt – New players only)
Location: Lions Park Milton