What players and parents say about Advantage.

Gareth runs high intensity, dynamic sessions that force the player to perform at a high level while under pressure mentally and being challenged physically. The drills mimic what the player will encounter in game situations.

We brought three players to Gareth Davies for several sessions in an effort to tune them up as they prepared for tryouts with OYSL teams. The three were not in the OYSL the preceding season. Gareth worked them and ensured they were sharp going into tryouts. Gareth also shared tips specific for try outs and really bolstered the confidence of the players.

I am happy to report that all three made OYSL teams for the upcoming season. Gareth deserves a lot of credit in assisting these players to push themselves in their own development and achieve the goal they had set. Thank you Gareth and we will definitely be using your expertise as our players continue on their quest

Patrick Milligan, 12+ Technical Maestro Parent

Thanks for the great training and soccer education you have provided Jesse over the years. You are a great coach and an even better educator with great communication skills. Jesse has always enjoyed your sessions and I have always enjoyed his level of engagement when you were present in any given session. Your communication skills combined with your ability to physically demonstrate what is being taught makes you a very effective teacher and Jesse has benefited from this greatly as a direct result of your training.

Rob Henriques, Finishing School Parent

We would like to thank you very much for all your efforts in training Sam. You have proved to be a coach not only with technical skills but also with great patience, care, respect and gentleman personality.

Bengu Onay, U10 Parent

There are few words to communicate just how much Gareth has contributed to my son’s soccer development. From the first day that we met Gareth he has always been an extremely focused, kind, patient and competitive coach that communicates his expectations and provides enormous feedback to the players and parents. A coach that is always prepared with new and innovative drills and on field demonstrations that allow players to aim and reach their potential.

Jake has participated in many soccer programs through the years and has worked with many different style of coaches, none of which have influenced him as Gareth has. He is an extremely knowledgeable and personable coach with a unique and approachable style that not only stresses individual technical development but the importance of playing as a team.

I would attribute much of Jake’s success to Gareth’s committed guidance and coaching and continues to be a great mentor and friend to the both of us.

Gina Moretta, Tech Maestro 12+ Parent

I’ve really enjoyed advantage soccer this
fall, because we have the best coach in so many ways like before we do a drill Gareth explained it and does an example.

But if you get it wrong he corrects you so your doing it correctly. He has a great attitude about training kids to get better and from my experience with him he does the best job on that.

Joshua Breard, Tech Maestro 9-11 Player

Gareth has been extremely influential in my development as a soccer player. His
supportive and personal demeanor has always made training positive and fun but underneath is a strong ability to communicate technique partnered with a
professional attitude and ongoing commitment to learning the game.

Having been involved with Gareth for over five years now, he has taken me from a being a player of little technical ability to one now able to confidently pursue international opportunities. Enormous benefit has come from training with Gareth and he is also a
great role model

Lex Hancocks, U16 Academy Player